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Empowering Girls and Women to Shine: Breaking Barriers and Building Hope

At Unspoken Belle Foundation, we believe every young woman deserves a future filled with empowerment and healing. We serve survivors of sexual assault and abuse, primarily within the Haitian community, where silence often prevails while also bringing awareness of taboo topics. We rebuild lives by fostering confidence, self-worth, and well-being.

Our Mission:

  • Empowering Survivors: We provide a safe space and holistic support for young women recovering from trauma.
  • Breaking the Stigma: We challenge silence and raise awareness about sexual violence within the Haitian community.
  • Building a Brighter Future: We equip girls and women with the tools and skills to thrive, lead, and become advocates for themselves and others.

How We Help:

  • Individualized Support: We offer trauma-informed counseling, mentorship, and life skills workshops.
  • Community Building: We foster a supportive network for survivors to connect and share their stories.
  • Education and Advocacy: We raise awareness about sexual violence and advocate for policy changes to protect and empower young women.

Get Involved:

Contact Us:

We are here to support you. Contact us today at to learn more about our work and how you can make a difference.

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T he Unspoken Belle Foundation " We Are The Voice Of The Unspoken"  Why in most Haitian communities that child sexual abuse is a T aboo topic? The embarrassment caused by sexual abuse makes it difficult for most victims to come forward. A lot of times families choose to ignore the sexual assault not knowing the extreme damage it has caused or will continue to happen. There are many types of sexual assault and it can escalate over a period of time... from victim to victim.. from mental abuse to physical abuse or even emotional abuse. As the CEO of the Unspoken Belle Foundation, I would like to encourage the Haitian community that sexual assault is not an embarrassment and together we can raise awareness to end the silence to sexual abuse. For more information about our organization, please feel free to click on the link . “Let’s Break the Silence” The Unspoken Belle Foundation theunspokenbelle@gmail.